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DBC Partners is committed to funding projects that have significant impact to communities and to the environment.  Our projects range from "For Sale" affordable housing, revitalization projects in urban core areas, sustainable and regenerative projects that focus on carbon neutral and carbon zero multifamily housing, job readiness, light to heavy industrial manufacturing opportunities in underserved areas (opportunity zones & other targeted areas) and culturally impactful, holistic community development. Bottomline: we look for projects that have impact and make a difference.

The Obsidian Collection is an organization digitizing Black History around the world.  They are raising capital to acquire key archives and develop their flagship location for work share space, office space, digitization and archive storage. They are based in Chicago, IL.

Obsidian House 2022 BW.jpg

This development is a boutique collection of smart luxury residences.  It includes a collection with smart condominiums technology with unique interiors, energy-efficient amenities, and unparalleled amenities. This development is based in Detroit, MI.

Nardin Park BW.png

Linkhaw Farms

Linkhaw Farms is a 400 acre master planned community near Fayetteville,NC.  DBC Partners has acquired the site and is taking it through the master planning process to build 600 - 800 homes and 60 + commercial pads in a Town Center style community development. 

Linkhaw site plan cropped BW.jpg
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