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At DBC Partners, LLC we’re passionate about securing the necessary funding so building projects in targeted neighborhoods and key areas can be completed. To do this, we focus on Debt/Equity and Joint Venture Partnerships, working with BIPOC developers on projects in underserved neighborhoods that, when completed, will create a significant upside to the communities in which they’re located. All debt is secured via Greenbriar Capital, LLC (Philadelphia, PA) who specializes in debt for operating companies and real estate transactions by providing commercial mortgages and loans. Although many project sponsors (the borrowers) have 85-90% of the equity required to complete a project, they still lack the remaining 10-15% (ranging from $500K to $10MM). That’s where we at DBC come in, supplementing the remaining amount needed so projects can be fully funded. 

Dandelion Meadow


As the founder of DBC Partners, LLC, John Harper credits his grandmother and mother as being the two most influential women in his life. Named Donnie and Beulah respectively, their impact on John, whom they call “Champ,” is forever cemented in the name of the company — Donnie, Beulah, and Champ: DBC. More than that, John believes that anything done in this world that is of significance requires a partnership. And DBC is committed to partnering with others to get those significant things accomplished. Which is how the name DBC Partners, LLC came about.


DBC's focus is on Impact, ESG (Environmental Social & Governance), SRI (Social Responsible Investment) and Regenerative development projects in targeted communities with an emphasis on workforce and affordable housing.  DBC specializes in revitalization of blighted or targeted neighborhoods and in structuring complex, non-traditional financial capital stacks that are often needed to advance a project.

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