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DBC Partners, LLC focuses on debt/ Equity and JV Partnership to get important projects complete in targeted neighborhoods or in key areas.  We focus on BIPOC developers and projects in underserved neighborhoods that have significant upside to the communities .  All Debt is secured via Greenbriar Capital, LLC in the Philadelphia based organization. Greenbriar specializes in debt for operating companies and real estate transactions.  We provide
commercial mortgages and commercial loans.  DBC Partners realize that many project sponsors have 95% of what is needed to complete the project, however, they lack the total equity requirement by $500k - $10MM.

Dandelion Meadow


DBC Partners, LLC originated from the two most influential women in my life: my grandmother from my father’s side (Donnie) and my mother (Beulah).  These two (2) women had a huge impact on my life, and I am forever dedicated to them.  The “C” stands for my nickname – Champ.  To get anything done in this world that is of significance, requires a partnership.  Hence DBC Partners, LLC


DBC's focus is on Impact, ESG (Environmental Social & Governance), SRI (Social Responsible Investment) and Regenerative development projects in targeted communities with an emphasis on workforce and affordable housing.  DBC specializes in revitalization of blighted or targeted neighborhoods and in structuring complex, non-traditional financial capital stacks that are often needed to advance a project.

Tree Shadows on Wall
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